As a parent, where do you begin when your child does not get home from school? Or, are you sure that when they get on the bus they actually get to school? What happens in cases of medical emergency and you are not close by? Do you agree that if sufficient information was available and there was a way of informing you in a split second it might save your child’s life? During trips, there is a constant worry where the bus is and if it has reached its destination. Worry no more because at Mwana Systems, our services to you are to ensure that you are constantly informed of your child’s whereabouts. To add on the school’s existing safety measures, should the need arise, your child’s medical information can be accessed by the touch of a button which can be crucial in saving their lives. You will be able to track the school bus at any place, any time of the day, leaving you with less worry as you go on with your daily duties.

Mwana systems

Our Platform

To ensure that great benefit is achieved by schools, parents and students, we have developed first of its kind solution called Mwana-Trac®. Under Mwana-Trac® we have two mobile applications called Mwana-Medic® and Mwana-Guardian®. Mwana systems and its products are protected through copyrights and trademark.

Mwana trac


It’s an intelligent platform that tracks the school children whereabouts and constantly informs the parent. It’s crafted in world class technology to ensure efficiency and zero down times.

Mwana medic


To ensure that your child gets proper medical care, we have Mwana-Medic® that gives out emergency contacts, your child’s medical data and informs you immediately in cases of medical emergencies or accidents.

Mwana guardian


Just as you can observe the sun rise and set wherever you are, Mwana-Guardian® offers you a platform where you can constantly monitor the school bus carrying your child at your convenience with the touch of a button.



Mwana Systems Limited is a registered company in Kenya. Our mission is to ensure that your child is safe when they are away from you. Through our applications Mwana-Trac®, Mwana-Medic® and Mwana-Guardian®, your worries are lessened by always knowing your child’s whereabouts in and out of school alllowing you to focus on achieving full productivity at work. We make it easier and convenient for you, from the comfort of your home or work place, to have that peace of mind through our best-in-class intelligent platforms that are of service to you.


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When your child leaves the house in the morning and gets into the bus, you will receive a text message informing you that your child has boarded the school bus with its registration details. When your child gets to school, another text message will be sent to you informing you that your child has safely reached the school. In the evening, when the child boards the school vehicle heading home, you will be notified through another text message and finally when the child exits the school vehicle at the designated drop- off, you receive the last notification. We believe that this will give you peace of mind throughout the day as you are constantly aware of your child’s whereabouts.

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Medical Emergencies

We are having all doctors and ambulance personnel install the Mwana-Medic® application on their phones. A school administrator in-charge of students’ medical welfare will also install this application. In cases of medical emergencies, the child’s medical information can be accessed using this application on the phones. This information includes;

  • Emergency contacts
  • Allergies
  • Blood group
  • Chronic conditions
  • Family doctor contacts
  • Insurance details and any other relevant information.

Having such information when needed incases of medical emergencies can be crucial in quick diagnosis and saving the child’s life. This process involves a text message sent to you the parent within seconds of the emergency notifying you to contact the school.

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School Administration

Students will be required to sign in and out of the school each time they get in and out of the school compound. At any given time, the teacher on duty will always be aware of the number of students in school and those who are absent or are out on school outings.

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Bus Tracking

By installing Mwana-Guardian® on your phones, you will be able to locate the bus carrying your child at any given time of the day. Instead of worrying about the whereabouts of your loved ones during unforeseen delays such as heavy down pour, traffic build upsand vehicle break downs amongst others, you can always conveniently check its position at the touch of a button.


Meet the team behind Mwana systems platform.


Ovin Awitty

Founder and C.E.O

Ovin is an entrepreneur always leveraging on information technology to solve major challenges affecting Africa. He holds a Bachelors degree in Actuarial Science with Information Technology from Maseno University. Ovin is the chairman of Swiztech Services.


George Kilibwa

Chief Operations Officer

George has a broad experience in management with over 6 years experience. George also holds a Bachelors Degree in Actuarial Science with Information Technology from Maseno University.

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Gedion Kitili

Lead Consultant

Gedion is an entrepreneur and a developer with valuable skills in the ever growing Information Technology sector in the country. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science from JKUAT University. He also serves as the CEO of TrendPro Systems Limited.

“Children need systems that are inclusive and driven by them, systems that will enable them to respond to their feelings and needs at any time.”

Jeroo Billimoria



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